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Los drogadictos son enfermos, no delincuentes

Abstract: “In the events that do not have end of manufacturing, commercialization or traffic, the carrying of a narcotic substance superior to the personal dose fixed by the law should not be processed as a crime, as long as its sole purpose is the consumption derived from the disease or Addiction of the carrier.”


Los condenados por inasistencia alimentaria pueden purgar sus penas de cárcel en prisión domiciliaria, siempre y cuando cumplan a cabalidad las obligaciones económicas con sus hijos e hijas, asuman la indemnización por el delito y se sometan a las medidas de vigilancia que les impongan los jueces

ABSTRACT: “In the opinion of the Criminal Appeals Chamber of the Court, those responsible for the crime of food non-attendance may remain deprived of their liberty at home on the condition of strictly complying with the judicial provisions, on pain of exposing themselves to the revocation of the benefit of the home. by jail for any breach”.