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Los drogadictos son enfermos, no delincuentes

Abstract: “In the events that do not have end of manufacturing, commercialization or traffic, the carrying of a narcotic substance superior to the personal dose fixed by the law should not be processed as a crime, as long as its sole purpose is the consumption derived from the disease or Addiction of the carrier.”

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La prescripción de tres años de los derechos laborales aplica a trabajador privado, oficial y empleado público (derecho laboral)

ABSTRACT: “the three-year prescription of rights emanating from” social laws “should be understood to also cover public servants, despite the fact that their labor regime is foreseen in their own statutes, because those laws, – the social ones -, cover the labor issue, regardless of the status of official worker or public employee “.

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Para agotar la vía gubernativa y acudir a la jurisdicción contenciosa administrativa no es obligatorio interponer el recurso de reposición contra el acto que decide las excepciones en el cobro coactivo tributario

ABSTRACT: “In order to exhaust the governmental channel and resort to the contentious administrative jurisdiction, it is not obligatory to file an appeal for reversal against the act that decides the exceptions in the coercive tax collection”